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Midnight In Chernobyl
by Higginbotham Chernobyl

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One of the best nonfiction books I have ever read. Reads like a thriller. Amazing research. Avoids judgment of characters in favor of making you care about them as people using thoughtful details. Makes nuclear physics accessible to the reader. A harrowing ride.

I Love My Mommy Because
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This is another one of my daughter's favorite books. We do all the sounds to it and when we're done we always reread it again and again.

Dead After Dark
by Charlaine Harris Sookie Stackhouse Series

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This book follows very closely along with the first season of True Blood with the exception of the characters Tara and Jessica being absent. Like the show, features great cast of characters well drawn from the outset. The book is told in first person from Sookie's perspective, so you get an even better sense of her point of view than in the show. The audiobook is especially well done in terms of Sookie's accent, attitude, etc.

The Snuggliest Snuggle In The World
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This is one of my daughter's absolute favorite books. She has me read this to her all the time.

The Nightingale Before Christmas
by Donna Andrews

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The Nightingale Before Christmas is a holiday mystery novel about a bedroom designing contest being held before Christmas. Before the contest was held, someone sabotaged some rooms and the mystery of who killed Clay Spottiswood went on. This novel should be for those who love mystery and Christmas novels.

I'm a Stranger Here Myself
by Bill Bryson

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This is a classic work of essays by Bryson told in his inimitable style. Is a unique perspective on American life after his having lived in UK for 20 years. Witty and insightful. Somewhat dated to the 90s.

Hope To Die By James Patterson
by James Patterson

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Great finale to part two. Must read " cross my heart " first.

Olivia Claus
by Kama eihorn

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We half liked it

Mickey Meets The Giant
by A Walt Disney Beginning Reader

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We loved it

by James Patterson

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Wasn't expecting a "to be continued" book. Very good!

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