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Book Reviews
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Always Watching
by Chevy Stevens

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Dr. Nadine Lavoie works in a lockdown psychiatric hospital. As she helps a woman who has attempted suicide she comes to terms with her own traumatic childhood. Good storyline, good characters.

Lots Of Candles Plenty Of Cake By Anna Quindlen
by Anna Quindlen

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A memoir about the insight women glean as they get older. The author is older than me, but a writer and mom like myself, so it felt relatable. I enjoyed it.

Saturday Is Swimming Day
by Hyewon Yum

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we half liked it. Mama loved it

The White Princess Philippa Gregory
by Philippa Gregory Books

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This was the first book I've read by this author after having seen some of the tv/film adaptations of her work. The books really bring the characters to life, and it is intriguing the way that they are told in first person from one person's point of view. Hard to say how historically accurate these are, but they do seem accurate in a broad sense. Actually encourages interest in the historical subject matter. Makes for a great summer read.

Over The Top Jonathan Van Ness
by Jonathan Van Ness Book

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This memoir reflects a lot of the joie de vivre and personality you'll see of Van Ness in his tv and social media appearances but also deals with a lot of tough topics with a lot of honesty and flair, including sexual abuse, STIs, addiction, and so on--which may be surprising to some readers and/or difficult for them to hear. Audiobook especially good.

My Friend Anna
by Rachel Deloache Williams

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This book makes for a good read for a summer trip. You can breeze through it very quickly. I particularly recommend the audio book for hearing the author's narrative view. Well structured to draw reader into the author's anxiety/plight brought on by this friendship.

Amelia Bedelia Sleeps Over
by Herman Parish

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Fun Story

The Familiar Dark
by Amy Engel

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Amy Engel writes a really good mystery. Her characters, like Eve, have grit and gumption. She relys on herself to find her daughters killer.

the kingdom of wrenly 15 den of wolves
by Jordan Quinn

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At first, I thought this book was scary but then I liked it. The bad guy gets trapped in a bubble and they save all the trapped animals from the cages the trolls put them n. The trolls captured them to sell them. Trolls cant resist money

the classic fairy tale treasurey
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I like all of this book but not the story of the match girl

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